Published in July 2020 in the Questa News (pg 22)

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The members of Active8, the youth volunteers with Vida Del Norte Coalition, have been staying busy lending a helping hand in our community this spring. They have been helping out at the North Central New Mexico Food Pantry. One day they gave out close to 200 boxes of food! Some of the Active8 have also been working as youth interns at the Questa Farmers Market.

Active8 conducted a survey of our local alcohol establishments to determine the amount of alcohol advertising that our youth are exposed to on a daily basis. Much has been discovered. There were 9 advertisements at one location, 11 at another, and 19 at the other establishment.

We did not see any alcohol advertising anywhere other than the liquor establishments, which is a good thing. The reason for completing this project is to bring public awareness to the fact that people have become desensitized to how alcohol is perceived in our culture. Alcohol marketers have made alcohol look glamorous, fun, and entertaining, sending the message that people need alcohol to have fun.

The focus of Vida Del Norte  is to change that mindset in our community. Starting with our youth, we hope to re-sensitize our children and adults to understand that some of the messaging that kids receive can have a negative effect on them.

Vida Del Norte will be placing positive messages throughout the community that portray fun ways to live without alcohol or drugs. We will also be working with local establishments to address the amount of advertising on their premises. Our goal is to come up with a positive messaging solution for our community and youth.

Read the entire July 2020 edition of the Questa News