The Vida Del Norte Coalition is a group created to prevent substance abuse among Northern Taos County’s youth.
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Vida Del Norte is now hosting an online auction through December 7th to raise funding to support our efforts to prevent substance misuse in our community.
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It is not too late to donate an item to the auction!

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Enter our Be Smart Video PSA Contest to spread the word about the dangers of vaping and underage drinking. Read More

About Vida del Norte

Vida del Norte was formed as part of the solution for keeping our Northern Taos County’s children drug-free.

Vida Del Norte Drug Free Community Coalition is funded through a 5-year federal Drug Free Communities Grant.

DFC Program is based on the philosophy that local drug problems require local solutions. Recent evaluation data indicate that where DFC dollars are invested, youth substance use is lower. Over the life of the DFC Program, youth living in DFC communities have experienced reductions in alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana use.

We provide a Youth Sector, a Parent Sector, a Business Sector, a Media Sector, a School Sector, Youth Serving Organization Sector, Law Enforcement Sector, Religious/Fraternal Organization Sector, Civic/Volunteer Group Sector, Healthcare Professional Sector, Government Sector, as well as Other Organizations in Reducing Substance Abuse .

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