Youth substance misuse is an ongoing issue in Questa and the surrounding communities. According to recent surveys 59% of high school students report drinking alcohol and 68.1% of high school students report using some form of tobacco product. The human brain continues to develop until the age of 25 and substance misuse can impair brain development.  Here are some ways to  get involved with Vida Del Norte and the effort to prevent youth substance misuse in our community.

Join as a Member, a Volunteer, a Community Partner or a participant in the Active8 Youth Coalition!

Anyone of any age can become involved with the Vida Del Norte Coalition. The coalition represents the sectors which make up the community of Questa and the surrounding areas. Every member of this community has unique skill sets and together we can combine these skills to help the youth in our communities. Involvement with Vida Del Norte can be as a member to attend coalition meetings and contribute to decision making, a volunteer to help out during events and activities, a community partner to show the support of your business  or by joining the youth coalition.
Contact Maria Gonzalez, Coalition Coordinator to for more information about how you can get involved. Email:
Mobile Tel: (575) 779-2260

Sign Up for the Vida Del Norte Newsletter and Connect on Social Media to Recieve Updates

Vida Del Norte sends out a periodic newsletter to subscribers with updates on what the coalition is involved with.  Notifications are also sent out when there is an upcoming event that Vida Del Norte is involved with.  Signing up for this newsletter and connecting with Vida on social media are great ways to stay up to date with Vida Del Norte and to know what is going on in case you want to volunteer your time to help or attend events and meetings.

Sign up for the Vida Del Norte Newsletter

Attend Monthly Coalition Meetings or the Annual Retreat

Vida Del Norte holds Coalition meetings once a month on the last Monday of the month unless there is a holiday. These meetings  are open to the public and are  always at 6pm. They are held at the Vida Del Norte office space and also can be attended via Zoom. The address is 62 Highway 38 in Questa and the info to attend the meeting via zoom is:
Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 828 1960 2608

Connect with Vida via Social Media

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