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How is Vaping Effecting Teens, Especially during COVID?

Our teens are caught in the crossfire of a war between a massive vaping industry and the public health entities trying to reign them in. We will highlight current teen vaping statistics and the latest policy changes on flavor bans, disposable vapes, and more. Parents, Youth organizers, and Drug-Free Coalition leaders join Dr. Aaron Weiner, a board-certified licensed clinical psychologist and Founder of Bridge Forward Group, who will provide a broad-spectrum analysis of the current state of vaping and implications for our youth’s future.  View original source text on Operation Parent.

Teens, E-Cigarettes and Vaping

This Webinar was published by Operation Parent and is by Dr. Pat Purcell, the Past President of The Kentucky Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics. (To view this video you have to fill out a form with your name and email.)

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Juuling: The Addictive New Vaping Trend Teens Are Hiding

Here’s what you need to know about Juul, the e-cigarette brand that contains double the nicotine and is vaped from a device that looks like a USB drive.

This is a very informative article published in Yale Medicine about how vaping nicotine effects the developing brain. This article describes the science behind nicotine addiction. Read Article

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