Police Appreciation Luncheon – Honoring our Local Law Enforcement Officers.

On October 7, 2020 Vida Del Norte hosted an event where we sponsored a luncheon to honor and thank our local Law Enforcement Officers for the work and commitment they have to our communities.

Thank You Officers!

We also want to thank our local businesses, coalition and community members for helping to make this event a success. My Tia’s Cafe in Cerro provided the delicious food, Party On rentals from Questa provided the tents and chairs and Rael’s Coffee in Questa provided amazing coffee. The Coalition members, including the youth in Active8 helped decorate, set up and host the event and members of the community showed up to help us say thank you. This event was a great opportunity to engage with our law enforcement officers and our community in conversation about how substance misuse is effecting our youth. We would like to invite anyone who would like to continue this conversation or get involved with our coalition to visit us at our new office space at 62 Highway 38 in Questa.

Class of 2020 Questa Senior Graduation Parade

On May 30th there was an honorary Parade for our 2020 Graduating class. This was a community event in collaboration with Questa Class of 2020 senior parents, Vida Del Norte Drug Free Coalition., The Village of Questa, Questa and Cerro EMS, Taos County Sheriffs office, Harvest Questa,Living Word Ministries and other community members. The Vida Del Norte Coalition wants to thank all that helped to make this event possible.

National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week®

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) is hosting the 10th annual National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week® (NDAFW), taking place March 30 through April 5, 2020!

National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week® is a time to participate in educational events that annually bring together teens and scientific experts to learn about substance use and addiction.

This year the official theme is: SHATTER THE MYTHS® about substance use and addiction. Join National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week® by sharing why you want to SHATTER THE MYTHS®!

NIDA and NIAAA are both part of the National Institutes of Health.

This year all of the National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week® activities are being hosted online so that people can participate without having to leave their house.

To see all the activities, visit: https://teens.drugabuse.gov/national-drug-alcohol-facts-week.

Here are some of the National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week® activities:

And here are some other fun games and quizzes from PositiveChoices.org to keep you busy during National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week®



Online Support Groups

Here are a few links to online support groups. Some of these are video support groups and some of these are online live chats or forums.

If you use any of these resources please be careful with your information online and do not ever share your phone number, address or financial information inside a chat room or video group.

Alcoholics Anonymous – Online Intergroup

This is a resource that offers a long list of online Alcoholics Anonymous meetings that use the Zoom platform. These group sessions are free and are a great way to have access to AA from anywhere that you have internet access. There are many different sessions and times and Zoom is also free and easy to use. With Zoom you have the option of using your webcam if you have one for video or if you turn that off you can just participate in the group with audio.

Al-Anon Electronic Meetings

Here is a link to some listings for Al-Anon meetings online. These meetings are in various formats and languages so please search through the list of meetings and find one that might work for you. This site has links to video groups, phone sessions, chats, forums and also email support.

Buddhist Recovery Meetings


Recovery Dharma Online


These sites have video group support sessions for people in recovery. Recovery Dharma uses Buddhist practice and principles to heal the suffering caused by all types of addiction. It is an international community of people who host and participate in weekly meetings to support our sobriety and wellbeing through meditation, self-inquiry, and sharing”. -Recovery Dharma Online

Support Groups Central

This site has video support groups in a wide variety of subjects. Many of the groups are free and some of them cost a small fee. There are groups for depression, substance abuse and many other issues.

Turn2Me – A Lifeline Online

Turn2me hosts Online Support Groups on Anxiety, Suicidal Thoughts & Feelings, Depression, Stress Management and General Mental Health issues. Support groups are free but they do require booking. You can book a support group at Turn2Me.ie.

More links will be coming soon so check back to this page again in the future!

Submit Your Story

Your story can make an impact.
Sharing your story is a way of connecting and inspiring others who may be struggling. When you share stories about your journey in recovery you show people that they are not alone and that recovery is possible.

We also encourage you to submit articles about any subject that you think might be of interest t our community.

Stories and articles will be published on the Vida Del Norte Coalition Blog and
may also be featured in our Newsletter, on our Facebook page or used for other promotional purposes.  Your story can be anonymous if you chose.
We thank you!

Quick tips:

  • Be as brief or write as much as you like. You can write directly into the message box provided below or write your story in a text editing program and copy and paste it into the text box if that you want to save a copy for yourself.
  • If you want to sent a picture or send your story as a file you can use the file upload area below
  • Don't worry about grammar, it is your story is important.
  • Don't be afraid to tell your truth and be authentic. If you have been through it someone else probably has too.Telling your story can help you and others to heal.

Access resources to help you share personal stories about recovering from mental or substance use disorders.

Your Details

Let us know how to get back to you.

Tell us your story

Non Drinking Party Games

Here are some party games for people who want to have a fun time at a party and don't want to drink. These games are a great way to be social and can be fun for all ages.

Blind Balloon Game

In this game, one person is blind folded and everyone else playing is given balloons. Everyone stands in a big circle around the blindfolded person to keep them from wandering off into unsafe areas of the room. A big sack is placed in one part of the circle. The blindfolded player spins in a circle and everyone throws their balloons into the circle. The blindfolded person has to find as many balloons as they can and put them in the sack within 2 minutes (more or less time is fine too as long as it is the same for every player.) The other players can help guide the blindfolded player to the balloons and the sack by shouting things at them. After the set amount of time has expired, the balloons in the sack are counted and the number is written down along with the players name. At the end of the game, the player who got the most balloons in the sack wins!

Stealth Stickers

Everyone at a party gets a unique page of stickers. These could be stickers of different types or colors for each individual person or plain stickers that each player draws or writes a unique thing onto like a special symbol or initials. Each player places one of their sticker onto a poster board and writes their name next to it to keep track of whose stickers belong to who and to make sure everyones stickers are unique. The goal of the game is to stick as many of your stickers on to other people with out them noticing. If someone notices you sticking a sticker on them they give the sticker back and can stick one on you. If you find a sticker on you, take it off and put it on the poster board next to the person's name who put the sticker on you. At the end of the game everyone inspects themselves and each other for stickers, all the stickers are put on the board and then tallied up. The person who managed to get the most stickers on other people without them noticing wins!

Social Scavenger Hunt

To have a Social Scavenger Hunt everybody at a party gets a number of slips of paper. On that paper they write scavenger hunt challenges about themselves that they want the other people to discover.

The hosts of the party can provide a list of examples.

For example, if it is a New Years Eve party, people could write:

Find a person who has a New Years Eve Resolution. What is their name and their New Years Resolution?

Other examples might be:

Find a person who is a business owner. What is their name and their business?

Find a person who has a cat. What is their name and the cat's name?

Find a person who plays an instrument. What is their name and what do they play?

Find a person who is graduating from high school this year? What is their name and favorite subject?

Find a person who was born in another state and then moved here. What is their name? Where are they from?

The challenges should ask for the persons name and ask for one detail as described in the examples above.

Then, everyone folds their slips of paper and puts them into a hat or a sack.

Next, everyone chooses a slip of paper out of the hat/sack. If they get their own they put it back and choose another. Then everyone goes around the room trying to find people who fit the description on the paper. The players write the name of the person who fits the description and the answer to the question about them on the slip of paper.

Players can write the names and answer the descriptive question for more then one person if they find more then one person that fits the description.

Players are allowed to take another slip of paper from the hat/sack and take another if they can't find someone that fits the description on the slip or if they already filled it in and want to get more points.

Each time a player finds someone who matches a description and writes down their name and answers the descriptive question they get one point.

The first person to get 20 points wins. (The game can also be played for more or less points.)

It is also fun if the winners answers are read out loud.