This Friday, September 17, join us for the 5th Community Connection Day this season, 9 am – 12:30 PM (and beyond), downtown Questa; meet at the Questa Farmers Market site.

Help us start the new mural at the Questa Farmers Market and make progress improving the grounds at the neighboring historic property of Casa de Cultura. Wear a hat and sturdy shoes and bring water and if you have them, work gloves. We have extra work gloves and tools on hand for all that need them. Lunch and snacks will be provided for volunteers.

9 AM – 12:30 – Casa de Cultura, historic property beautification
Volunteers are needed to help chip branches, spread wood chips, pull and “wack” weeds, cut back elm tree shoots and load organic waste for removal.

This beautiful historic home in downtown Questa with the huge Grandfather apricot tree, active acequia and various outbuildings is the site for the proposed Casa de Cultura. The property is owned by Estevan Rael-Galvez who is working with Localogy to bring about the vision for Casa de Cultura, a center for creativity, consciousness and community in downtown Questa. Learn more about this project HERE.

10 AM – 12:30 and Beyond – Paint New Mural at Questa Farmers Market

Painting of the new shipping container mural at the market site begins on Friday! Please join in painting this lovely quilted landscape ~ the mountains near Questa. The design of this mural invites all abilities and ages to paint together. A pattern will be drawn for you to fill up with color and design! ??

The design, by artist Rae @rubysofrae was inspired by the land and the practice of quilting that carries on in this community (and in many places). This mural seeks to bring many small pieces together to create beauty through our brushes!

12:30 Simple Lunch provided on site for volunteers
Painting may and clean-up efforts may continue into the afternoon and you are welcome to participate!