The Vida Del Norte Coalition is a group created to prevent substance abuse among Northern Taos County’s youth.
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About Vida del Norte

Vida del Norte was formed as part of the solution for keeping our Northern Taos County’s children drug-free.

We provide a Youth Sector, a Parent Sector, a Business Sector, a Media Sector, a School Sector, Youth Serving Organization Sector, Law Enforcement Sector, Religious/Fraternal Organization Sector, Civic/Volunteer Group Sector, Healthcare Professional Sector, Government Sector, as well as Other Organizations in Reducing Substance Abuse .

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Vida del Norte Sectors

  1. Vida Del Norte Coordinator
  2. Youth Sector
  3. Parent Sector
  4. Business Sector
  5. Media Sector
  6. School Sector
  7. Youth Serving Organization Sector
  8. Law Enforcement Sector
  9. Religious/Fraternal Organization Sector
  10. Civic/Volunteer Group Sector
  11. Healthcare Professional Sector
  12. Government Sector
  13. Other Organizations in Reducing Substance Abuse