How to Empower Youth and Grow Community | Sean Smith | TEDxYouth@Bunbury

This video will expand on why youth can have a very powerful voice in their community and empowering them to know and feel they can. Sean will address the issues of youth representation in the community and government. He aims to nurture the idea that the youth of a community should be a key part of its growth.
Sean, 19, is a Bunbury local and the City of Bunbury Youth Mayor with a passion for getting actively involved in the community and its growth.

Youth Leadership: Empowering the future | Ali Redha Z. Damji | TEDxPristinePrivateSchool

Aliredha Damji, the youth leader of Pristine gives us the recipe that helped him transform from a Bully as he calls himself to a compassionate youth leader. Like a true leader no ones left behind in his recipe ….. ALL are LEADERS

Young Leadership principles - hope and expectations for the future | Sunniva Muren | TEDxStavanger

18 year-old Sunniva Muren lives in Klepp, Rogaland Norway. She is about to finish her second year at Tryggheim upper secondary school in Nærbø.
While the future is all about young people in Sunniva’s generation, her passion and inspiration came from recognizing the value of the knowledge and experience from the generations much older than hers.

The Power of Youth - Changing the World | Sanjana Buddi | TEDxCapeMay

Sanjana Buddi is a senior at Notre Dame High School in Lawrenceville, NJ. Other than her involvement with the non-profit PUREYouth, Sanjana is a varsity tennis player, plays double bass, volunteers at RWJ hospital, and is a Girl Scout working on her gold award, so volunteering has always been a part of her life. With the assistance of PURE, Sanjana is able to work with schools all over the world in makings sure that they get the assistance that they need.

Youth Activism: Activating Your Voice | Hannah Testa | TEDxAlpharettaWomen

Young people are quickly becoming the revolutionaries of today. How can you get involved? Hannah Testa highlights her story as a youth activist and provides steps and advice on speaking out. Hannah Testa is a 17-year-old honors student from Cumming, GA, but she is not an ordinary teen. While she loves her family, friends, and art, she is passionate about issues that affect our planet and she has been using her influence from a young age to educate others, as she believes that “knowledge is power”...

Links to Leadership Games for Youth

Leadership Games for Youth
This article by Michele Meleen describes a number activities that engage youth in mastering useful life skills while playing games

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